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The Belgian Malinois Kennel “Mailigo” is registered and internationaly certified from the FCI under the number 6538. It is located near the Kolubara river in Šumadija - one of the most beautiful spots in Republic of Serbia, in Lazarevac town. History of the town itself is very interesting. In the WWI it was a location where battle of Kolubara 1914 between serbian and austro-hungarian armies place. In honor of the fallen soldiers, a monument was built under the St. Dimitrije temple, where, side by side, austro-hungarian and serbian soldiers are laid to rest. Kennel itself is owned and ran by Milinković family, which has groomed this particular breed since 2011. Goran Milinković now marks 35 years of work in cynology and he carried on his love for dogs to his sons Marko and Ilija, who were spending time with these beautiful creatures from the earliest age – huskies at first, and then with malinoas, where they learned their first lessons in cynology. Although he is a student of the Faculty of political sciences, Belgrade University and Ilija is Gymnasium, they put most of their time and effort in the kennel andtheir pets. After much consideration, we chose this breed for it's fantastic characteristics. Belgian Malinoa are incredibly beautiful dogs, and their grace, proud stance, and athletic build is breathtaking. We see them as ideal sport dogs with expressed pray-instinct and constant desire for action. Their superiority is proven in their wide-spread use in services such as army, police, mountain rescue… We aspire to further our knowledge by visiting dog shows, seminars, conferences, working exams etcetc learning from the best, and all toward preservation and improvement of this amazing breed. Education of our dogs is based on the IPO program, with creation of service Belgian Malinoa bloodlineas or primary goal. We marked many accomplishments at CAC and CACIB shows. Our dogs are descendants of multiple Europe and World champions in exterior and service work, which they prove in their quality. Particular accent is on cultivation, where we make the most carefulselection, considering our dogs' bloodlines. When future litter is in question, we have a clear, long-lasting vision in several future generations, of what we want to achieve for the maintenance of the quality and future champions in our kennel. Each and every puppy, before it leaves the kennel, must pass a health check at the hands of our vet, must poses a complete documentation and must be registered at the FCI. We do not poses a large number of dogs because we put quality before quantity. We are candidly proud of our young male Aris Mailigo, son of Antrax Ostraryaka, which possesses a full potential to become a superstar of our kennel. Aris is an impressive dog, strongly built, mid-range height and of strong temperament, pretending on the said title. As a young kennel, we have a tendency to become one of the leading kennels, as in our country so as abroad. We hope you'll contact us for any additional information, which we'll gladly provide.

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