Španělský vodní pes

The Spanish Waterdog has existed in the Iberian Peninsula for hundreds of years. Primarily, it is used as hunting dog where it helps move goats and sheep to areas with pasture. Occasionally it is used by fishermen and hunters to retrieve game.

Physical Appearance

It is a medium-sized dog with a powerful athletic figure and keen expressive eyes. Most of them have docked tails to help prevent injuries while in the fields. Its coat is curly with woolly texture and comes in different colours. The most common is white and black although they may also be of other colours like beige and brown. An average male has a weight of 20kg and height of 19 inches while an average female is 17 inches high and weighs around 16kg.


They are highly energetic, hardworking and intelligent. They, therefore, have to be kept both mentally and physically active all the time. When socialized well at an early age, they can be very affectionate...

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